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Mike Brooks, “Mr. Inside Sales,” brings over 30 years of proven inside sales experience to the law firms he works with nationwide. By combining proven, best practices from the inside sales environment, Mike has been able to increase conversion rates in excess of 40% and more.

 Mike has worked with some of the largest Personal Injury and Tort Law firms in the country. His company was awarded both the 2017 & 2018 “Top Service Provider of the Year” award by the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals). Mike’s strong background in sales and sales methodology allows him to offer his clients the kind of proven corporate training and results they can’t get with traditional intake training models.

 These best practices include areas such as:

• Building better compensation models that reduce turnover and allow you to keep your top producers.

• Measuring the right metrics that drive increased conversion.

• Professional scripting which allow intake teams to invest the caller in the intake process—which leads to better conversion rates and less cancelled new accounts.

• Better disqualifying of leads that don’t fit criteria, thereby greatly reducing the wasted time your team takes with leads you don’t want.

• Overcoming objections to signing like, “I need to speak to my spouse,” and “I want to think about it,” and more.

• A more structured intake process causes clients to remain “sticky” so they don’t go to your competition during the crucial first 30 days.

• And much more.

Bottom line: More conversations and new cases that stay with you means maximizing your advertising dollars and increasing your bottom line. What would a 40% increase mean to your firm?

Have a conversation with Mike today and find out what he can offer you and your law firm. You can reach him by phone: (919) 267-4202, or by email:

Mike Brooks

“Mr. Inside Sales”

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